Lent 2016

Welcome: An Invitation

Each Monday, some of our members gather in a group that is loosely called “Scripture and Art” or “Art and Spirituality;” we read the scripture for the coming Sunday and use art, prayer and conversation to reflect on the reading. During Lent, you can join us from the comfort of your living room, kitchen, or bedside with these Lent Coloring Pages.

Adult coloring books are becoming widely used as a spiritual practice—a way to quiet the mind. This series of nine coloring pages create a path moving from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. 

Click here to download the pdf Lent Coloring Pages

Read the scripture referenced at the bottom each page; pull out some colored pencils, markers, or paint; reflect and pray (with or without words). Each drawing has a word related to the reading.  You may discover your own word or phrase when you reflect on the reading. If so, write it down. Draw it into the picture. Add prayer concerns if you choose. This is your spiritual practice. Use it any way that feels right to you. 

Lent 2016 Schedule:

Wednesday, February 10: Welcome. Mark 9: 30-37 (6-7 pm service of soup and ashes at the Methodist Church.)

Sunday, February 14: Give; Mark 10:17-27

Sunday, February 21: Serve; Mark 10:46-52

Sunday, February 28: Listen; Mark 12: 13-17

Sunday, March 6:  Love; Mark 12:41-44

Sunday, March 13: Watch; Mark 13:32-37

Sunday, March 20: Risk; Mark 14:3-9 Palm Sunday

Thursday, March 24:  Take. Eat. Mark 14:22-42
7 pm Maundy Thursday Service at Broad Bay with Waldoboro United Methodist Church and Broad Cove Church (Cushing).  Musicians: Carroll Smith, Josie Davis, Sophie Davis, and Karen Lilli Pax (Additional parking at the library.)  

Friday, March 25: Forsaken; Mark 15:16-39
12 noon—2:45 pm:  Art and Scripture and Prayer in the Sunday School Room
2:45 pm: Organ Music in the Sanctuary; Carroll Smith, Organist
3:00 pm: The bell tolls

Sunday, March 27: Go and Tell; Mark 16:1-8
Easter Sunday 10 am worship: Carroll Smith, Organist; Josie and Sophie Davis, violins; Broad Bay Choir; Liturgical Dance. Bring flowers. Bring your finished drawings. 

Holy God, be with us as we journey with you. Open our hearts to your presence. Fill our minds with your peace and our hearts with you love. Amen.