An opportunity for which the church was born...

The leadership of the United Church of Christ has released a statement from condemning President Donald Trump's decision to abandon the Paris Climate Accords.  (read the full statement here)  Included is a call to congregations and clergy to embrace this moment of opportunity in the following ways:

Accept the mantle of moral leadership
Now the time for clergy to speak from their pulpits about the moral obligation of our generation to protect God’s creation. Let the world know that whatever the current American administration may say or do, the Jesus movement will not back away from God’s call to protect our common home.
Incarnate change
Now is the time for congregations and for every person of faith to set a moral example through our own words and actions. As individuals and as communities, we can commit to making decisions of integrity in our energy choices, and to holding our leaders accountable to do the same.
Proclaim truth in the public square
Now is the time for communities of faith to be bold and courageous in proclaiming truth in the public square. It is now abundantly clear that the Federal Government will not address the greatest moral challenge that the world has ever faced.  It is up to us.