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Building Committee Report

Barba and Wheelock will share the results of the thinking and work that they have completed with the input of the building committee.  Please come!  We'll have renderings and cost estimates.  Dessert will be provided.

In the process of working with Barba and Wheelock, the building committee has grappled with many questions regarding the form and shape of our ministry.  We want a building that is safe, accessible, and flexible—one that embodies the radical welcome we try to extend to all. Come and see what Barba and Wheelock think the building could become.

As always, the building committee welcomes and encourages your input.  This is just the beginning!  Nothing will go forward without your ideas and support.  And, if nothing else, this process has allowed us to look inside ourselves and how we can serve better together and within the community.  Please see Nancy Duncan’s latest blog, Cutting Paper Dolls, for an insightful view on that topic:  And please feel free to speak to any of us—Brian, Kathy, Linda, Maryann, Nancy, Joe, and Jon—or email us anytime at